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Rally for marriage equality

Members of Wellington’s GLBT-WXYZ communities are holding a rally which will celebrate the first reading of Louisa Ball’s marriage definition bill. 

The rally is being described as a celebration rather than a protest, and will start at Civic Square and end up on the steps of Parliament on Wednesday 29 August.

Newly elected LegaliseLove co-Chair Tabby Besley says the event is being organised by the community and that the university group is excited to be involved. “We are excited to be part of organising a rally to celebrate marriage equality, which should coincide with the day of the first reading,” she tells Aaron and Andy.com. “We’re having the rally to welcome the bill into parliament and celebrate the opportunity New Zealand has been given to take a step towards greater equality.”

If you’d like to take part, Tabby suggests meeting at Civic Square on Wednesday 29 August from midday. The group expects to arrive at Parliament around 1pm.

For more information visit the event’s Facebook page


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