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Review: Confetti drag show

We went along to Confetti: A Drag Entertainment Experience last night expecting to at least be mildly entertained — unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

Confetti hit Wellington last night for one night (two shows) only, promising “fabulous campness and performance art”. We don’t really feel it delivered.

Technical difficulties plagued the 7pm show from the get-go, with the show’s hostess, Miss Ivy, awkwardly attempting — and failing — to hold the stage until things were sorted out with the sound system that didn’t seem to want to play. “Does anyone want to hear a joke?” she feebly asked the audience. She wasn’t really prepared for that, and her knock-knock jokes fell flat.

Then we were ‘treated’ to performances from Alyssa Fire, Gummy Sue, Magenta Cyan, Miss Ivy, a couple of queens from Auckland, Miss Drag Waikato 2009, Brother Sledge (a drag king) and Summer Salt, also from Hamilton.

Apart from glimmers of hope from obviously talented Magenta Cyan, and comedic performances from a queen who performed a Queen song, it didn’t seem like many of the cast had rehearsed, judging by their shoddy routines and failure to lip-sync the words of the songs. When lip-syncing is part of your ‘art’, you’d at least think the cast would have learnt their songs.

All of the queens broke a number of unwritten rules relating to drag performance art, namely constantly turning their backs to the audience, and walking around before and during the shows with their upcoming show outfits on — way to ruin the reveal.

A 15-minute break in the middle of the show turned into 35 minutes, as the very small crowd hung around bored — a couple left after the first half. The music in the background often had nothing to do with the obvious theme.

Gummy Sue spent a considerable amount of time organising this show, and we commend her for trying to make things happen in Wellington’s often lacking drag community. But we can’t help but feel she may have needed to try a lot harder, and perhaps even learn the lyrics to her number. Maybe she was just being ironic? If so, it was lost on us.

A member of the audience summed it up best: ‘These shows are just what I do every day when I dance in front of the mirror screaming to my iPod.’

We’re going to end this review with a few very important tips for the queens of Confetti that we hope they’ll consider:

  • Don’t walk around before or during the show wearing show outfits that have yet to be revealed on stage;
  • Find your light — if you can see bright lights on you, then the audience can see you. If you can’t, they can’t;
  • Limit amounts of time when your back is to the audience, unless for specific effect;
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse — blunders can be avoided in thorough rehearsals;
  • Learn the words to your song — lip-sync is your art!
  • Don’t put your ass in an audience member’s face and insist: ‘You know you want it!’ Umm…

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  1. That’s a shame. Why no story on Confessions of a drag queen, which was one drag show that went off the hook?

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  2. On the fringe says:

    Wow?! I thought all of us had a great time watching the show?! Where else does a person get a show with 5 or 6 drag queens, a drag king, and access to cheap az drinks for $18?!

    Highlight of the night was Magenta’s mean az Nick Minaj/Beyonce mashup which we’ve never seen any other Queens do at all – usually they do flippin comical through to Miley Sinus?!

    Great show – had a laugh, had a drink and saw something new.

    Anyone who complained was obv expecting a little too much for their $18….

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    • At $18, I expect something decent. They charge marginally more for community theatre performances, and you get WAY more bang for your buck with those. It was like watching the drag version of a primary school talent show. Really poorly done.

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  3. Just sayin'... says:

    Maybe the 10pm show was amazing as opposed to the 7pm one which was obviously shit. Can’t see how they could turn around what sounds like a dead show in only a couple hours….

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  4. Kita Mean says:

    This is so heartbreaking to hear. I put a lot of time and effort into my shows. I guess it’s constructive to hear such brutal honesty but damn, it doesnt make it hurt any less.

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    • You were good.
      I don’t even like Queen and I got into it.

      Hakuna Matata kinda started to drag on, maybe cut the bit with the snail.

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    • JasmineFan says:

      hey Kita Mean can u hook me up with your friend Tekuila ? tell her I want her to dress up as a slut for me

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  5. Summer Salt says:

    I had a fabulous time down in Wellington – thought it was a great city, and met some amazing boys, girls, and Queens! And a very inspirational week at the Outgames Human Rights Conference. Thank you for having us Wellington. xo

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  6. “When on stage Gummy is an enigma. She lip-syncs poorly in ‘interesting’ outfits made from ruined wigs or dead babies. She doesn’t seem to have much musical timing abilities or a sense of rhythm. She has no teeth and loves to show that off. But for some reason she is extremely entertaining.”

    a quote from aaron and andy…. just so we are straight? what do you want… poor lil-syncing or great lip syncing???? your contridictions confuse my pussy….

    Thanks for coming along to the show with your boyfriends though… despite the turn out, the show was a hit and it will def be back again!!!!

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    • Aaron and Andy says:

      Thanks for your message, Gummy.

      Just to reduce any confusion, there is a considerable difference between watching your shows for free at Club Ivy, for example, and paying $18 to see a “drag entertainment experience”.

      The latter kind of installs in a ticket buyer an idea that at least some sort of minimal level of effort may be exhibited.

      Glad to hear the show will be back, and wish you luck with it.


  7. Ms. Magenta Cyan says:

    Hey all,
    First of all I would like to give a warm hug and congratulations to all the sisters who performed at CONFETTI. Think about it, atleast people actually came to the show even if it was not a complete sell out, We tried to wow the crowd individually with what we can offer, we showed everyone that even if we are almost a dying breed down here that we still have our spark, glam, attitude and nerve to get up on stage and do what we do. SO, instead of focusing on how badly we did. We should focus more on how to fix it. Aaron and Andy, like many of us; have their own opinion. But what matters is that there was a sense of working together towards achieving our goal, We can’t please everyone, But focus on yourself and keep going at it.

    Kia Kaha and shit

    Magenta ^.^

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  8. Boudreaux Imbruglia says:

    Yeah, better luck next time, onwards and upwards.

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    • Gummy Sue says:

      Thank you! yeah next time should be much better!

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      • Probably just cut your loses and realize that the show is a dead pan. As are you.

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        • Gummy Sue says:

          lol haterz gonn hate….. Let me put it this way, even if i hadn’t of made money from the show – it would still have been worth it.

          Maybe you should just treat shows organised by me like most men treat your dick….. “don’t like it, don’t go near it”

          With love


          5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

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  9. Ivy Queen says:

    Apparently this show was utter shit.

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