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Richter City’s Ms Savage

The Richter City Roller Derby girls slam their way back around the TSB Arena in their first international bout next Saturday. As you know, we love derby, and think these girls are totally the shit! So we caught up with yet another derby hottie… Ms Savage!

Name: Ms Savage
Age: 23
Hometown: Lower Hutt
Current location: Wellington

Tell us about what you do: I hit hard.

How did you get into derby? I joined right as the league was starting up, before most of us could skate or knew how the game was played. I needed a new hobby and a friend of a friend was doing it, I just showed up.

When and how did you come out? I came out when I was 16 years old. I hadn’t even kissed a girl at that stage and I was always very girly and not ‘stereotypically lesbian’ so a lot of people were very surprised. Before I came out to any of my friends or family I joined a group for gay teenagers in the Wellington region and got to know some other queer kids. Having that support and some other gay friends made coming out a lot easier.

Do you have any queer role models? Anyone who stands up against queer-phobia, sexism and gender binary.

Who was your first kiss with? I think his name was Joe and I was 13 years old. It was during a game of truth or dare of course. Earlier that day, my girl friend had asked me if I wanted to “practice kissing for our boyfriends” I was totally keen but I didn’t want to give myself away…

Three things always in your fridge are: vanilla soy milk, greek yogurt, and orange juice.

Where were you when The Glamazons died? Probably at training.

Which queer stereotype best describes you? Hum, just a liberal ol’ non-meat eating, doc marten-wearing, derby-playing, fantastic, feminist femme.

Music: Cindy Wonderful
TV: Project Runway
Movies: But I’m a Cheerleader
Sport: Derby, of course
Celebrity: Samantha Ronson
Restaurant: Planet Spices in Newtown
Bar/Club: The Ruby Lounge
Drag queen: Ellie Kat
Gay icon: Joan Jett
Holiday destination: Anywhere
Colour: Purple
Position: In sex or in derby?
Underwear style: Black lacy knickers
Shoes: Docs
Jeans: Black
Designer: Pass

(Photo by Mark Tantrum)

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  1. Total babe <3 Most savage xx

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    yep, she is hot

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  3. Total babe, very spunky. Go Ms Savage!

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  4. wow

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    Smart and hot, niice

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