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Ruby Deathskates

The Richter City Roller Derby girls slam their way back around the TSB Arena in a showdown with Sydney  on Saturday. As you know, we love derby, and think these girls are totally the shit! So we caught up with yet another derby hottie… Ruby Deathskates!

Name: Ruby Deathskates
Age: 31
Hometown: Richter City
Current location: Barely emerging from sleep.

Tell us about what you do: Skate hard and fast.

How did you get into derby? I was part of RCRD from the beginning – the precise moment of decision I was sitting in one of those grungy suburban parks in Newtown watching a crappy animation with my ex-girlfriend on stolen wi-fi about the basic rules of derby. For some inexplicable reason that video stoked an absolute determination that derby should happen in Wellington and that I would be part of it. That determination turned into me being the Chair of Richter City for the first year, and now the Chair of Roller Derby NZ. It’s one of the biggest loves of my life.

When and how did you come out? When I was seventeen, in my first year of uni. There was a bar tender, there was heartbreak….What a cliche! Ha. It was pretty non-traumatic. I think it was more difficult to realise 7 years later that I couldn’t ignore that I like men too. It’s a weird position to be in, as a card-carrying lesbian, to have to come out in a way that makes all your lesbian friends feel uneasy. But in the end, I had to be honest. And really, everyone should just be respectful of the choices of others.

Do you have any queer role models? Every woman who plays roller derby

Who was your first kiss with? A boy named Andrew when I was 15. Yawn.

Three things always in your fridge are: Whatever my lady Thigh Voltage puts in the fridge. Mainly Powerade and dairy products.

Which queer stereotype best describes you? Well that’s a contradiction in terms if ever I heard one! I identify with the swirling mists of the indefinable queer.

Music: Peaches
TV: Californication, Arrested Development, and trashy reality
Movies: Orlando
Sport: Roller derby!
Celebrity: Thigh Voltage
Restaurant: Curry Heaven in Newtown
Bar/Club: Monterey in Newts
Drag queen: Tyra Banks
Gay icon: Leggz Akimbo
Holiday destination: I summer in the south of France
Colour: Purple and orange
Position: Blocker
Underwear style: Commando – no underwear are high enough to wear with my leotard.
Shoes: Docs
Jeans: I don’t cover my legs
Designer: Supre

We’ve got tickets to give away to Saturday night’s bout! If you’re too cheap to buy a ticket, simply email us aaron@aaronandandy.com, telling us the name of one of the two Wellington’s derby teams.

Photo: Jed Soane

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