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JOB: Sauna manager sought

Emperor’s Bathhouse in Wellington are seeking a sauna / bar manager to join the team full-time. If you think you’ve got what it takes, read on!

Emperor’s has been open for business within Wellington City, since the end of January. The business itself was set up in a fantastic two level space, in Wigan Street.

Emperor’s purpose is to provide the gay community with a venue, which includes both a full wet area (sauna / spa / steam), a cruise area, as well a fully licensed lounge bar, and a venue that the community can be justifiably proud.

The owners of Emperor’s have worked through several of the normal ‘operating issues’ that any businesses of this size are going to face in their start-up phase. Several pieces of feedback from our clients has been acted upon, and we have spent the last three months making some changes. This has included making certain upstairs areas smaller and more intimate, as well as concentrating on some key technical issues with the water supply and steam room. I believe that our credibility has been enhanced by taking steps to address issues, not least totally rebuilding the steam room (into what is now a really classy space). The final technical issues have been identified and are in the process of being finalised.

The Emperor’s Lounge Bar is a quite stunning space, and the new Manager will be charged with the project of starting to develop initiatives, which see the bar become more of a ‘bar of choice’ amongst our community.

As well as this, we have rooms in the downstairs area set up for the capability of value added products / services, such as massage and facials etc. We already have a fully accredited Thai Masseur on site who has now started on duty.

The scope within this business is huge, and the opportunity exists now for a passionate and inspired person to come on board, and grow the Emperor’s business.

This person will, amongst other things, take on the responsibility of the operations of the venue, as well as the implementation of our strategy for growth.

In this role, your key duties will include…
· Running the bar & sauna
· Dealing with customers
· Serving drinks
· Cash handling at front of house
· Running events
· Managing the Cleaning, organizing the place, etc…

To be a successful candidate for this exciting new opportunity, it is essential that you…
· Are personable, friendly, reliable, energetic and enthusiastic
· Have a current managers certificate (or in a position to start the process immediately, by obtaining your LQC)
· Have proven experience running a bar
· Marketing skills preferable
· Ability to manage staff.

In return for your services we are offering…
· A full time position, 40+ hours
– Salary will be discussed with you upon successful application.

Emperor’s would offer an incentive based plan with the successful applicant, as we would want the Manager to be abel to benefit from the growth he creates within the business.

We look forward to expressions of interest.

Applications should be forwarded to: emperorssauna@gmail.com.

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  1. lol

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    • You thumb me down, but you’re still pathetic. Lol.

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      • Anonymous says:

        You’re laughing at an ad for a sauna dude. That’s quite pathetic, and oh so immature.

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        • No it’s not. How is it immature?

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          • Anonymous says:

            Do you giggle every time someone talks about an adult venue? Or just when someone talks about something to do with sex?

            You must have a hard time walking down Courtenay Place, especially when you’re walking by yourself. People must think you’re positively insane!

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            • Just because you’re attempting to justify an industry of filth doesn’t mean I’m positively insane.

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              • I hope you’ve never had “filthy” sex, ie: being fu**ed on a desk in a Wellington City office at night…

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              • Justify an industry? I’m pretty sure you’ll find the entire world is run off the “sex sells” idea… be it prostitution, a sex on site venue or a bar for straight or gay people to find someone to penetrate.

                god your pathetic opinions just don’t make sense anymore!

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  2. A desk!?! That is dirrrty!

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  3. scummy sue has been fucked on many desks around wellington.. also many backstreet alley ways and in/on shitty cars

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  4. HA! If you can’t remember they weren’t worth remembering lol!
    I agree with Gummy!
    SEX SELLS – Bars and Night clubs = MEAT MARKETS!
    Prostitution and Brothels – Is legal and has made more money then any one could every imagine!
    Sex Toy Stores – (Hamilton especially) You find them every where!


    Because we are creatures of love, lust and FUCKING!

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