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‘Shock’ gay revelation on TV!

A new Kiwi reality TV show, based loosely on Jersey Shore, promises a “shock” revelation about the sexuality of one of its characters, but that revelation won’t be much of a shock to New Zealand’s gay community.

The GC, a show about the exploits of young and attractive Maori living it up on Australia’s Gold Coast, features former Get It On! model and Mr Gay New Zealand contestant Alby Waititi. But his sexuality appears to be subject to exploitation on the show and it seems Alby will stage a “coming out” of sorts.

Rumours are swirling that Alby will then become a woman and call himself ‘Snooki’ in an attempt to capitalise on the success of that character in Jersey Shore.

Check out the trailer for the show below.

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  1. TrashTranny says:

    LOL. This show is a fucking joke. Next.

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  2. OMG my brother is gona be on this, so looking forward to watching it 😀

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