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Skipping Asian food in Asia

Many people think that eating Western food while visiting Asia is a huge sin. ‘Why the hell would you eat KFC there?’ they say. I agree to an extent, but sometimes you just have to eat what you know, especially when you’ve been vomiting for five days straight.

That’s what happened to me a couple of weeks ago while hanging out in Cambodia. I munched down on tonnes and tonnes of local Khmer food, only to come down with a massive bout of vomiting that didn’t seem to end. Even though it probably had nothing to do with the food I ate, I blamed it and felt nauseas for a week after getting better just from the smells.

So I was forced to reacquaint myself with Western food, and I actually quite enjoyed it. There is no McDonald’s here in Cambodia — shock horror — but the capital city does host 2 or 3 KFC outlets.

It’s there that I realised how much different KFC is in Asia. Not so much the food, which is mostly the same (except for a few rice dishes, etc).

At home, KFC is enjoyed in a greasy box with your hands. In Asia it’s served up on proper plates and eaten with a silver knife and fork (see picture). People don’t eat with their hands, and the chips don’t have the famous chicken salt they have back in Aotearoa. Fun.

Then there’s the local outlets, all serving up their own versions of Western fast food. Lucky Burger is a popular one here, serving burgers, hot dogs, and chicken with fries and sauce.

Of course, there’s also more than a handful of local restaurants serving Western dishes in a slightly more upscale setting. Chicken cordon bleu, Sunday roast, lamb chops, steak, mashed potato, and anything else you can think of.

But I’m starting to feel better now, and am looking forward to diving into Asian food again when I head to Vietnam on Friday and then China a little later. I just hope that I don’t come down with another sickness, because I really can eat all the Western food I like when I get back home.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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  1. Drink Coke with every meal.
    Travellers Superstition, but it works for me whenever I travel overseas!

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  2. Thanks Aaron xox

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  3. irishkiwi is a dickhead says:

    hate all that asian food, yuk shit, they put anything they find into a pan and add sauce and onion, grotty onion

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  4. JasmineFan says:

    yip when i was in hong kong the food was horrid, just full of onion and msg

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