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Staying gay in Christchurch

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you’ll be well aware that we love to jet off to Southeast Asia when we can, whether it be Cambodia or Myanmar, we love it there.

Sadly living in Wellington means it always involves three flights and most likely an overnight stop in either Auckland or Christchurch. However with Kim and Steve at Christchurch’s Stuart Manor, said stopover can be a very relaxing way to end the holiday.

We had a wonderful, albeit short, stay at Stuart Manor. We arrived exhausted from Kuala Lumpur at midnight with Kim greeting us with a smile as soon as we’d cleared Customs. The smiles never left and nothing was too much to ask for. In fact, it felt like we were staying amongst friends.

The manor is over 100 years old, and was one of the original farmhouses of the Templeton area, and is set within some stunning gardens. The rooms we had were impeccable and contained everything you could need. Our pick of the three guestrooms would have to be the K’Road Room which they describe as “A brightly decorated room named after Auckland’s infamous Karangahape Rd. As its namesake, the room is bright, gay and a little fun.” Fortunately the Queen of K Road, Miss Ribena, isn’t resident in the room! The beds were so comfortable it was hard to get up in the morning, however the delicious breakfast on offer made rising much easier.

So if you’re passing through Christchurch, or even staying for a few days, base yourself at Stuart Manor and enjoy some of the finest hospitality the South Island’s got to offer. Plus, we love to support queer businesses when we can!

Book with the boys on their website.

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