Manthyng – Nek Minnit!

Gay singer/songwriter duo Manthyng have teamed up with Kiwi YouTube sensation Nek Minnit Man to produce a song that's taking the internet by storm. Manthyng performed the track with MC Elroy (aka Levi Hawken, Nek Minnit Man) at Auckland's Big Gay Out, and since then it's clocked up … [Read more...]

Gummy to PM: “Need teeth!”

News is emerging that troubled New Zealand drag queen Gummy Sue was almost arrested at Auckland’s Big Gay Out after she pressured Prime Minister John Key for new teeth and better dental plans. Gummy Sue, dressed as a man in a Gummy mask, had a photo taken with the Prime Minister and … [Read more...]

I got tested for HIV at Big Gay Out…

I did a few things at Auckland's Big Gay Out recently. I ate sixteen of the most amazing donuts. I got a henna tattoo which faded way too fast. I took one taste of some shaved iced and biffed the rest. I also got an HIV and STI checkup, and it couldn't have been easier! By ANDY BOREHAM I … [Read more...]

Auckland tops A&A hits

Auckland has become our top city in terms of hits on Aaron and for the first time ever. While visitor numbers from the City of Sails have always been high—Auckland usually sits at number two—it has taken the top spot for the first time ever this week after our visit and … [Read more...]

Powerful stereotypes at Big Gay Out

Auckland’s Big Gay Out is always an interesting time to watch New Zealand media further push the GLBT stereotype to Kiwi folk back home at their TVs, but one mainstream news show did us proud, nearly! By ANDY BOREHAM Mainstream media flock to Auckland's Big Gay Out — New Zealand's most … [Read more...]

Andreas is Mr Gay NZ

Andreas Derlith, 32, of Auckland, has tonight been crowned Mr Gay New Zealand. The first three heats (judged by us!) of this year's Mr Gay New Zealand competition were held at Auckland's Big Gay Out, with one of the contestants, Aaron Gordon, failing to turn up for the first heat. The … [Read more...]