Alby pretty open on The GC

Alby Waititi, the gay man who features on TV3's new show The GC which premiered last night, was seemingly pretty open about his sexuality, despite being built up by programme makers for a 'coming out' later in the season. In the show, Alby mentions modelling for the NZAF in safe sex … [Read more...]

Staying gay in Christchurch

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you’ll be well aware that we love to jet off to Southeast Asia when we can, whether it be Cambodia or Myanmar, we love it there. Sadly living in Wellington means it always involves three flights and most likely an overnight stop in either Auckland … [Read more...]

Why I hate the term ‘straight-acting’ and everything it stands for

ANDY BOREHAM explains where the term ‘straight-acting’ comes from, how it’s dangerous, and why many gay and bi men hate to be associated with anything ‘feminine’. Ever since gay radio host Mike Puru announced his thoughts on ‘straight-acting’ gay men, I’ve had a newly invigorated … [Read more...]