Galbraith stands by Fowler

The Wellington woman who accused Public bar of being homophobic and later reneged after CCTV footage showed her story was inaccurate says she stands by the Queer Officer who acted as her mediator. On Monday Rebekah Galbraith and her girlfriend accused Public bar of being homophobic and … [Read more...]

Lesbians’ story not accurate

The lesbian couple who threatened to complain to the Human Rights Commission after being asked to leave a Wellington bar on the weekend have withdrawn their complaint after CCTV footage shows they were not asked to leave for kissing. Public bar today released CCTV footage of the … [Read more...]

[public.] displays of equality

HOUSTON BARAKAT weighs up the case of the two lesbian women asked to leave a Wellington nightclub on the weekend and asks: are we just jumping on the homophobia band-wagon without enough information? Here we go again. A bar patron asked to leave a bar on the basis of something … [Read more...]