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The Kylie countdown #4

Kylie Minogue’s new single All The Lovers is out now (buy it at iTunes!) and the countdown to the release of her eleventh album, Aphrodite, is on and we’re super excited!

We’re sure you are too, and if not there’s something wrong with you, or you’re just not familiar with her work. But never fear! We’re gonna be looking at each of her albums, counting our way down to our favourite!

Our fourth favourite is Impossible Princess, where she decided she was an artiste and looked a bit fug…

Released: October 1997 (Japan), 1998 (rest of the world).

Biggest hits: First single Some Kind Of Bliss became her first to miss the UK top 20, and while it was one of her few singles to chart in New Zealand during the 1990s. Follow ups Did It Again and Breathe fared much better.

Producers/songwriters: Kylie wrote the lyrics for the whole album and c0-wrote much of the music. A number of producers were used including Brothers In Rhythm, Ingo Vauk, and the Manic Street Preachers.

Best track: Dreams — a poem of contradictions, it still stands up well today.

Worst track: Too hard to pick a worst track as none are that bad.

The stats: While it made top 10 in the UK, it quickly fell out of the charts, however in Australia it was her biggest seller since her 1988 debut. Critically it was easily her best-received album.

What we think: Sometimes it felt like she was trying on different sounds as if she is raiding her mum’s wardrobe, but that just creates a true potpourri of sounds and is really the only time we’ve seen the real Kylie. Fortunately she understands that she works better as a canvas for other songwriters and producers. Impossible Princess makes #4 on our list of World’s Best Kylie Minogue albums.

Warner Music have dug out the Kylie vaults for a massive Kylie competition here on Aaron and Andy.com. We’ve got copies of Ultimate Kylie, Body Language, Boombox, and a SIGNED copy of X, plus both the Intimate And Live and Showgirl DVDs to give away.

To enter, all you need to do is list in order from 10 to 1, what you think our top 10 Kylie albums are going to be — we’ve already told you seven — and email it in to us at campfm@aaronandandy.com. Simple really! The competition will close when we announce our top 3 in one weeks’ time.

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  1. Stephii says:

    “it was her biggest seller since her 1998 debut”

    Oh whoops! Better fix that typo.

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  2. ..its says there that impossible princess was released in 91.. and her debut was 98..

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  3. Ivy Lies says:

    It was released in 1997 (you must have been in a hurry when typing it out – lol), and I liked this album too for it’s mix of genres musically and it was quite personal lyrically.

    It spawned some great remixes on the bonus disc too or the Impossible Remixes album.

    I think they meant to put her debut album in 1988.

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  4. Aaron and Andy says:

    Ta loads hens xxx

    Have fixed it up now.

  5. Oh look. Its Kylie copying Gaga on the banner on the front page!

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  6. Thumbelina says:

    I really thought this would be a lot higher, maybe even #1.
    I think Some Kind of Bliss was the wrong choice as first single, Kylie wanted it to be Limbo iirc.
    I think the best song on here is Breathe, it’s just so sublime and under-rated. The video to Did It Again is a classic, even now a whole 13 years later.

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  7. Get ya facts straight says:

    Jase, how is she copying Gaga in a photo from mid 2007 which is before Lady Gaga appeared on the scene?

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  8. If you must continue with this theme can we have the rest of the Kylie countdown now please? All at once. In one go. Over and done with.

    I’m sick of this stuff cluttering up (apart from that) what is an excellent site! Thanks in advance guys for seeing sense.

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  9. No Steve says:

    Hey Steve

    If ya dont like it dont read it! Its the most popular story today according to the boys chart on the right so I guess you might be in the minority there!

    I think its been great even if its wrong that both Shoddy Wankage and X are in the top 2! Impossible Princess should of been number one

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  10. Thumbelina says:

    Just wait til Steve sees the Dannii countdown! (Neon Nights for #1)

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  11. My personal favourite – and the first Kylie album I ever bought (based on one review that said it was “Bjorkish”). There are a couple of great b-sides from this era: Loves Takes Over Me (should have been on the album!) and Take Me With You.

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