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The Kylie countdown #6

Kylie Rhythm of LoveIt’s only a month until the release of Kylie Minogue’s eleventh album, Aphrodite, and we’re super excited!

We’re sure you are too, and if not there’s something wrong with you, or you’re just not familiar with her work. But never fear! We’re gonna be looking at each of her albums, counting our way down to our favourite!

Our sixth favourite is Rhythm of Love, where she started to break away from the Stock/Aitken/Waterman mould and realized she was a bit of alright…

Released: November 1990

Biggest hits: Better The Devil You Know, Step Back In Time, What Do I Have To Do?, and Shocked were all lifted from this album. They continued her top 10 success in the UK and Australia, but here in New Zealand, What Do I Have To Do? became her first track to miss the charts altogether.

Producers/songwriters: Legendary 80s hitmakers Stock/Aitken/Waterman (the guys behind Bananrama, Samantha Fox, Rick Astley, Sonia etc) wrote and produced most of the tracks, but Kylie herself co-wrote four tracks including a couple with Madonna-producer Steve Bray.

Best track: Better The Devil You Know — an absolute classic, later ruined by Steps in one of the worst covers in history.

Worst track: One Boy Girl — if only for the laughable rap by The Poetess.

The stats: Sales were much lower than her previous albums, but it still achieved gold and platinum sales around the world from countries such as the UK, Spain, Japan, and Australia. In New Zealand it made a solitary appearance in the chart for a week at #37.

What we think: It was a real turning point for Kylie, showing a new maturity to her work. The four singles are instant classics, and most of the album has held up well over time. However better things were still to come, meaning Rhythm of Love is placed at #6 on our list of World’s Best Kylie Minogue albums.

Warner Music have dug out the Kylie vaults for a massive Kylie competition here on Aaron and Andy.com. We’ve got copies of Ultimate Kylie, Body Language, Boombox, and a SIGNED copy of X, plus both the Intimate And Live and Showgirl DVDs to give away.

To enter, all you need to do is list in order from 10 to 1, what you think our top 10 Kylie albums are going to be — we’ve already told you five — and email it in to us at campfm@aaronandandy.com. Simple really! The competition will close when we announce our top 3 in three weeks’ time.

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  1. Rhythm of Wrong says:

    How can you rank she shitty X above this?

    This album is a total masterpiece! Easily her finest work.

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  2. Matthew M says:

    I agree with placing this one somewhere in the middle of the pack. GREAT singles, but album tracks a bit of a mixed bag. What Do I Have to Do? should have been a huge hit in NZ.

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