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The Kylie countdown #7

Kylie Minogue's first albumWe’re very much excited about the July release of Kylie Minogue’s eleventh album, Aphrodite.

We’re sure you are too, and if not there’s something wrong with you, or you’re just not familiar with her work. But never fear! We’re gonna be looking at each of her albums, counting our way down to our favourite!

Our seventh favourite is Kylie, her chirpy and trashy debut, a classic with an even more classic hairdo on the cover.

Released: July 1988

Biggest hits: I Should Be So Lucky, Locomotion, Got To Be Certain, and Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi, hit the top 10 around the world including New Zealand, and all landed in the UK top 2 — making Kylie the first to achieve such a feat with her first four singles.

Producers/songwriters: Legendary 80s hitmakers Stock/Aitken/Waterman (the guys behind Bananrama, Samantha Fox, Rick Astley, Sonia etc) wrote and produced every track (except Locomotion).

Best track: It’s No Secret — differed from the usual S/A/W pattern and showed a slight tinge of an R’n’B influence which would show up in later albums. It was also released as a single but only in the United States, Japan, and New Zealand.

Worst track: I Miss You — about as lyrically challenging as a Justin Bieber track with even worse production.

The stats: With sales over more than six million copies, Kylie was her biggest seller until Fever, striking up gold and platinum sales all over the world, even in the USA. In New Zealand, it made an astonishing 6 x platinum, and remains her sole #1 album here.

What we think: It’s throwaway pop that has become classic. It’s terribly dated, but one listen instantly takes you back to the late 1980s and is loaded with tracks that will still get you humming along. It was a great introduction to Kylie, even if it was recorded in only three days, and set the stage for even better things to come, placing it at #7 on our list of World’s Best Kylie Minogue albums.

Warner Music are digging out the Kylie vaults for a massive Kylie competition here on Aaron and Andy.com — we’ll be revealing how you can win next week!

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  1. Ivy Lies says:

    I only got this album on cd 4 years ago while scanning through the cd racks in a store in Cairns.

    I had the Kylie Collection on tape as a kid, which was basically this album re-released with bonus remixes.

    The memories!

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  2. Aaron and Andy says:

    The Kylie Collection was amazing! The only way to make such songs better was to extend them into six minute anthems! Its cover was perhaps even greater than the first album.

  3. Jason Donovan says:

    How is this only number 7?

    Easily her best album.

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  4. ThE LiSp says:

    FFs Not every homo like this shit and Aaron u got bieber’s CD so wtf is ur comment about

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  5. Bouncer says:

    “Look my way” would have been my pick for worst song on this album. This album is amazing though and only takes about 40 minutes to get through both sides of the tape.

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  6. Thumbelina says:

    My guess for the Top 3:

    1: Impossible Princess
    2: Rhythm of Love
    3: Let’s Get To It

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