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The Kylie Countdown begins!

Kylie Minogue Fever album coverWe’re very much excited about the July release of Kylie Minogue’s eleventh album, Aphrodite. We’re sure you are too, and if not there’s something wrong with you, or you’re just not familiar with her work. But never fear! Over the next ten weeks, well be looking at each of her albums, counting our way down to our favourite! We start with our tenth favourite, Fever.

Released: October 2001

Biggest hits: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, In Your Eyes, Love At First Sight, and Come Into My World.

Producers/songwriters include: Biffco, Cathy Dennis, Kara DioGardi, and Kylie wrote some tracks too.

Best track: Can’t Get You Out of My Head — #1 in 30 countries including Australia, New Zealand, the UK.

Worst track: Give It To Me — unlistenable!

The stats: Her biggest-selling album, Fever, has sold in excess of 12 million copies around the world. Hitting the top 3 in the USA with platinum sales, as well as her highest charting album here in New Zealand (#3, 2 x platinum), 3 x platinum in Europe, 6 x platinum in the UK, 7 x platinum in Ireland and Australia, 8 x platinum in Indonesia. It was the first album by a non-Russian to be certified diamond in Russia. Fever, won the BRIT Award for Best International Album, as well as two ARIA Awards, and Come Into My World won Kylie her first Grammy.

What we think: When it’s at is peak its pop perfection (Head, Love At First Sight, Love Affair), when it’s at its low points it is unbearable (Give It To Me, Fever, More More More). Its patchiness places it at #10 on our list of World’s best Kylie Minogue albums.

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