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The Rock lesbian call hoaxed

Radio DJ Jono Pryor

You probably heard in the New Zealand media yesterday, particularly gay media outlets (not this one), that a lesbian couple apparently played the ultimate prank on radio station The Rock.

The station was running a competition called ‘Win a Divorce for Valentines’ Day’, where someone was asked to call their unsuspecting partner and tell them, on air, that they wanted a divorce.

The story goes that a woman named Sam called up, who told the presenters—including Jono from the Jono Project—that things weren’t going so well with her husband Andy. But shock horror! Once the phone was answered it was a woman, apparently the female caller’s civil union partner, and they were about to sabotage the competition spectacularly.

“No, this isn’t Andy. It wasn’t Andy to start with you f***ing idiots!”, the woman, Amber, yelled through the phone. “So how does it feel you two – how does it feel like, being on the other end of something? […] We sabotaged you, you dickheads.”

Sam, the original caller, then went on a moral crusade and told the hosts she was appalled by the competition. “It’s disrespectful to women and all your listeners and I cannot believe that you were going to let this go ahead.”

Jono lamented: “I feel like I’m in an episode of Scooby Doo and we’re finally figuring out how you caught us out and we would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you dastardly lesbians.” Then, surprisingly, the story ends up in the mainstream media, including the gay media. How did that happen? Because it was all faked and designed to attract media attention, and it worked.

Why should we be surprised? Jono is a pretty cheeky guy—not to mention kinda hot, but that’s beyond the point—who dupes the media all the time, especially on his show The Jono Project. Go figure.

But why did the media buy it, hook, line and sinker? Did anyone manage to get hold of these so-called lesbians who apparently plotted this master plan, and succeeded? Of course not! They have vanished into thin air.

Jono mentioned the situation on today’s episode of his show, conveniently planting information that would lead listeners, and media, to continue believing in this obvious hoax. “We tried calling her back and she must have had a prepaid phone because the thing’s turned off. She set up a fake email account; she was like that movie Catch Me If You Can, but with Lesbiano DiCaprio.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. How very convenient.

This whole situation is almost definitely fabricated for media attention, and so many media outlets took the bait! The fact that now, all of a sudden, these ‘lesbians’ who had such a big point to prove have disappeared says it all, really.

You have to think of the psychology behind this, if it were real. Let’s pretend it was real, just for a moment. These two ‘lesbians’ had a massive social point to make, so they spectacularly bummed out a couple of radio station hosts doing a stupid competition they didn’t agree with. The story attracts media attention but hey, all of a sudden they disappear and can’t be reached. Surely if this were true they would have ‘come out’ by now to comment on their spectacular achievement at proving how stupid Jono and his team are and showing that their competition was morally damaging etc etc.

But guess what? They haven’t. They have disappeared off the face of the earth. I guarantee you this whole thing is a fabrication using two friends of the station who pretended to be a couple.

I’d love to be proven wrong, though! So I wait for the callers to come forward and speak to media about their radio coup. But I bet it won’t happen.

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