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Thigh Voltage

Name:  Thigh Voltage
Age: 26
Hometown: Wellington
Current location: Wellington
Tell us about what you do: I’m one of the vice captains of Brutal Pageant with Richter City Roller Derby. I was also the vice captain of the Richter City All Stars team last year.
How did you get into derby? Schiesse Minnelli, who plays for the Pirate City Rollers All Scars and Dead Wreckoning (and is editor of express), is one of my best friends. She encouraged me to go along to Richter City’s first bout last year and that was my life as I previously knew it pretty much over.
When and how did you come out? Last year. Drastically.

Do you have any queer role models?   Swede Hurt of Rat City Roller Girls and Gotham Girls’ Roller Derby because she is an amazing derby player. Jane Lynch for her amazing tracksuits.

Who was your first kiss with?  A boy call Andrew at a 4th form disco. I recall smashing teeth with him. Not pleasant.

Three things always in your fridge are: Powerade. Cheese. Powerade.
Which queer stereotype best describes you? Joined roller derby. Cut my hair off. Left my fiancé for a woman. 
: Peaches.
TV: Derby News Network! America’s Next Top Model.
Sport: Roller Derby
Celebrity:  Schiesse Minnelli
Restaurant: Viva Mexico in Left Bank, Cuba Street
Bar/Club: Monterey in Newtown
Drag queen: Robbo aka Goregasm
Gay icon: Helen Clark
Holiday destination: Derby camp
Colour:  PINK AND RED. Or  orange and purple.
Position: Pivot/Blocker/Jammer
Underwear style: Hot pants.
Shoes: Custom purple and orange 595s built by Fast Girl Skates.
Jeans: Hot pants
Designer: My mum. She makes my hotpants.

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