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Under the Rainbow 2 open!

Stephen Fry by Alex Efimoff

Under the Rainbow 2 is now open, and features donated artworks by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) artists which will be auctioned off to raise funds for Wellington’s most popular annual GLBT event, Out in the Square.

Under the Rainbow features work by a number of artists in a range of media, from digital art to glass sculptures to collage to photography and everything in-between, and it’s all up for auction.

Organiser Andy Boreham says that the exhibition is a great way to not only promote GLBT art and GLBT artists in New Zealand, but also to help support an important annual event. “The gay and lesbian fair has been running in Wellington for nearly thirty years,” he says. “While the entire team works on a voluntary basis, we do need support to cover the many expenses involved with running such a large and popular event, without which Out in the Square just wouldn’t be possible”.

The first Under the Rainbow exhibition and auction took place in 2010 and raised nearly $3,000 for the fair.

Boreham says that New Zealand is home to a number of very talented and hard-working GLBT artists who don’t often get to exhibit their work in GLBT settings. Artists from all over New Zealand have donated works to the auction, including some better known for their other work. “This year we’re excited to present works from local MP and Labour Deputy Grant Robertson, and American Ambassador David Huebner, both out and proud gay men.” Robertson donated to Under the Rainbow because it’s important to support queer art and queer events. “It’s important that people promote the exhibition so that we can continue to have events that support and celebrate the GLBT community”.

Under the Rainbow is now open at Thistle Gallery (293 Cuba Street, Wellington) from midday until 6pm Tuesday to Friday, and all day Saturday until the closing event and auction from 8pm on Saturday 12 May.

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