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UniQ’s fab Pride Week

After last year’s attempt at Pride Week — which could’ve only been described as an utter fiasco — the team at UniQ Victoria have come up with an absolutely stellar programme for this year’s week, which starts on 23 July.

The programme kicks off with a queer quiz night at the Cambridge Hotel, and includes a whole range of fabulous events including a self-defence class, open mic night, a diversity forum, and the return of the legendary Traffic Light Party at the Burgundy Room on Friday, 27 July.

However, the two biggest highlights are the afternoon tea with American Ambassador David Huebner on Wednesday, 25 July, and a formal brunch and panel discussion on Saturday, 28 July also featuring Huebner and Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson. Huebner is the first openly gay ambassador in Obama’s administration, and is also legal counsel for GLAAD.

It looks to be one of the best Pride Weeks organised by UniQ VIctoria in a number of years — well done to the team there!

You can check out the full programme on UniQ’s Facebook group.

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  1. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work on this under the leadership of Matt and Genevieve – looking so forwards to it, should be great!

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  2. Houston. says:

    I’ll be in town for a few days of Pride Week, I can’t wait to check out some of these events! Kudos to Matt, Genevieve and the folks at UniQ that helped to organise such a great sounding Pride Week!

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  3. I thought the diversity forum sounded great, but then it’s only women… How can you have a forum on gender/gender identity diversity and have no men or trans people involved?

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    • Stephii says:

      The forum is on the intersectionality of Queer and other marginalised groups, Queer & M?ori, Queer & Disabled, even Queer & female, I suppose.
      The line up is great in regards to the topic. Some super awesome big names in their fields. Wish I could make it but I’m on the other side of town 🙁

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      • Stephii says:

        Also, a quick google of Dr Anita Brady tells me nothing about her personally but she has written/researched around things trans*

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        • Hey there WTF, I organised this forum. I’m really gutted that there is no trans* person on the panel; the person we had lined up is now unable to be a part of it. There will however be trans*, intersex, and genderqueer people (those are the three identity categories I know will be there for a fact – there may very well be others) there who will contribute to the discussion part.

          As I said though, it’s really regrettable that there won’t be a trans* person on the panel. Trans* issues will be talked about, however ideally I would’ve loved to have someone speaking about their /own/ experiences.

          Hopefully it’s understandable that the lack of representation is a result of being unable to get a replacement for the person we had lined up (we tried so hard, I promise). I’m disappointed about it too, but hopefully some useful things will still come out of the forum and those interested in attendance can add depth to the discussion of trans* issues.

          Email me if you want to disucss more 🙂 nicola.k.wood@gmail.com

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