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We get inside Blake’s box…

Blake Skjellerup's bagWinter Olympian Blake Skjellerup returned home briefly this month for the New Zealand speed-skating championships where he smashed the New Zealand record in the men’s 500m.

We caught up with him on his way back to Calgary, Canada, to see what Kiwi treats our champ stocks up with before he leaves home. Fortunately he was quite willing to let us into his hotel room and take a peak in his box…

And what did we find? Pineapple lumps, a copy of Boy on DVD, and ice skates of course! He wouldn’t let us near the lycra…. boo!

And by box we mean suitcase, but that doesn’t sound as fun!



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  1. That’s a LOT of pineapple lumps…

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  2. Ivy Queen (Gay Elite) says:

    How many boxes of condoms did he pack? Were the condoms extra large? Did you manage to steal any of his underwear from that suitcase? If so can I have them? Did you give him a farewell f**k? Come on we need more detail in your story boys!

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