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Well done NZAF (jks!)

The latest blog on the New Zealand AIDS Foundation’s Get It On! website suggests that the gays start engaging in some illegal sexual activities. They also suggest we “let it rip” when referring to condom use. Hmm.

The post, titled Summer Loving, talks about hot guys on the beaches — and uses a nicely bromantic picture of Ricky Martin and his step-brother half naked — as well as how to get it on in public. They suggest that we get it on outside but make sure we don’t “scare the straights” or that there are no kids around.

While sex outdoors may be fun, should a health organisation which receives millions in public funding be encouraging us to break the law and have “a fuck in a grove of trees by a beach”?

Maybe we’re a bit prudish, but it’s just giving the fundies more ammunition in their crusade to portray the gay agenda as perverted.

We do, however, love its inclusion of possibly the world’s worst simile: “Nothing like having fun on those hot sweaty nights when you both end up sizzling in bed like two bits of butter in a hot pan.” Have these guys tried sleeping in a bed with someone on a sweaty night? Not fun!

Also of note is their use of the term “let it rip” when discussing using condoms this summer — probably not the best choice of words when you really think about it.

Here’s hoping the NZAF’s new leadership puts a bit of ‘leader’ back in the ship and helps the arguably ill-engaged organisation avoid a few of the obvious faux pas.

Remember kids, if you do get it on out in the wilderness this summer, make sure you wrap it like a present!

You can order free condoms and lube from the NZAF, delivered discretely to your door, at the Get It On! website.

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  1. neg and staying that way says:

    Gosh they have no clue do they?

    They should never have fired that Douglas guy!

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  2. RICKY Sumpter says:

    I think this is an interesting story that will only accumulate a “pass the buck” scenario no matter who you ask, hire or fire….
    I mean… Someone wrote it and used words they thought would be “cool” to fit the season, with out the outsider view of how it could be interpreted…
    Let it RIP referring to surfing… Not to breaking a condom or ripping more (subtle hint there)…

    The thing i find amusing the most is purely the fact that they have used two step brothers (HOTTIES i might add) in conjunction with a blog about summer loving on a beach.
    Is this also promoting incestuous behavior?

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  3. I’m kinda of the opinion that “let it rip” is such a genuinely New Zealandandic (Is that a term? it totally is now) phrase, that almost no one would misconstrue it or interpret it in the manner you guys did. But maybe that’s just me being naive. If you hadn’t pointed it out to me, I wouldn’t have found it inappropriate in the slightest. The Bromantic pic of Ricky and his step-brother? Well that’s just hot… NOM

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    • Aaron and Andy says:

      From a PR standpoint, though, such an organisation should be looking at all of their communications with an awareness that their intended message could be misconstrued by their audience, or even a small percentage of their audience.

      With the budget of the NZAF, all communications should be checked and rechecked with all possible outcomes in mind. This obviously hasn’t been the case.

    • Let it rip is definately NOT an idiom specific to NZ.
      It’s pretty world wide.

      And if you’re using the words ‘rip’ and ‘condom’ in the same sentence it’s pretty easy to read it that way, at the least it is an unintended pun.

      Definately a poor choice of words.

      On the matter of sex outside, if you can get away with it and it doesn’t disturb anyone why the heck not, sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scene.

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      • Technically it’s not breaking the law to have sex outdoors (according the DLO in Wellington). It’s illegal if you are SEEN having sex outdoors, which is considered indecent exposure. But outdoors on private property or where no one will see you is fine (and hot!)

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  4. I thought the safe sex poster boy campaign would have taught the NZAF a few things…. obviously i was wrong.

    when speaking about the NZAF…. the term “let it rip” only means one thing…..

    Maybe the skin cancer foundation could use “let it burn”???

    THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!! Someone please fix the NZAF :'(

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  5. step brothers together are not sexy

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  6. once i had fist sex and my ass hole ripped

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