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Zowie chats with Zakk d’Larté about Love Demolition

Walking into an interview with who has been deemed the “electronic princess of pop” seemed like a daunting task at first, but as I am greeted with the cutest smile I have ever seen, I knew that this was going to be a fun half hour. Dressed in a fluffy green jacket, Hello Kitty necklace and silver glittery shoes, I am promptly greeted, hugged and fangirling.


Zowie, born Zoe Fleury and previously known as Bionic Pixie, is a star. Let’s just get that out of the way. She is probably one of the hardest working women in her field, and is definitely one to watch throughout 2012 with the release of her debut album ‘Love Demolition’. Promising a fresh, futuristic and “rhythmically-tastic” sound that will modify the beat of the modern world and with the release date set for tomorrow, it becomes obvious that she is struggling to contain her excitement every time I mention the album’s name.

This interview allowed me to see a behind-the-scenes look at who Zowie really is, where she came from, and why she is here. And so the interview began, with the first question that I ask being the most important to me, as already a devoted fan.

ZAKK: What can devoted Z-Bots (what her fans call themselves) expect from Love Demolition?
ZOWIE: It’s a combination of dirty and pretty. Futuristic yet very old-school. Love and demolition. It has an industrial, hip hop, punk side, but still a dark electro-pop sound.

Queen of the oxymoron! Who in the music industry (past or present) inspires you?
Hmmm… My parents have incredible musical taste, so I grew up really lucky. Nine Inch Nails is a band that I’ve always grown up listening to. Grace Jones! So many artists. Also, the Japanese culture has inspired me a lot. Trent Reznor! Oh! Bowie! Michael! Aaaah!

How about fashion-wise? Who or what inspires you in that department?
Serena Fagence and I work pretty closely as we push and inspire each other a lot! And as we both started our projects at the same time it was just like ‘you create outfits for your label and I’ll wear them for my new project!’ (laughs). She is amazing! I like to look at clothes and ask myself: ‘Is this so wrong, that it’s right?’ Futuristic things inspire me, like metallics and stuff. I love that look. And I like oversized stuff on smaller people. Designers like Gareth Pugh inspire me. Anime! So cute! Ziggy Stardust. Love.

What are five things that you couldn’t live without?
Drums! My parents. Fluffy cats. Musiiiiiiiiiic! Um, um, um! I feel bad for choosing the final option. Can we come back to this question? (laughs)

What is your motto or the advice that you like to live life by?
There is an amazing quote by Oscar Wylde: ‘Be yourself – because everyone else is taken!’ I love it.

How do you perform now in comparison to when you were Bionic Pixie and why the change?
I guess to do with the character, Zowie is more aggressive and crazy. I just love how artists like Michael and Grace and Bowie were constantly reinventing and changing themselves and I realised that I wanted to do that too! I wanted to get bigger and better and I wanted the outfits to be ever-changing and everything. Ever since Bionic Pixie started I knew that she would evolve, and she is still a major part of Zowie, she’s just been blown up to another level!

If I were to turn on your iPod right now, what artists would I see on your recently played list?
Ooooh who have I been listening to recently! Santigold probably. Oooh the Talking Heads. Miike Snow!

Nice! Anything embarrassing?
Hmm… not really. Well I probably say that, as I like all the music that I have on there haha! I’ve probably got some Five in there somewhere!

Cute! Where do you draw inspiration from when you write music?
I find that a lot of designers inspire me as I’m writing as I think about the whole thing, like about the video and what outfits would suit that song etc… Generally when I’m writing a track though, it starts from something real and personal that has happened to me and then tends to evolve in a different direction. I’ll somehow make it end up having double meanings and have you wondering if I’m being dirty or nasty, or nice or what. I always try to make sure that people can relate to it. But yeah, it always starts from something real.

Do you still get nervous when performing?
I think that the day I don’t get nervous and get that energy and adrenaline pumping, is the day that I’ll quit.

When you aren’t performing, what are you doing?
Rehearsing! Rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing! All the time. It’s so much work, but I love it. But hmm, when I’m not doing anything musically? Umm, I sometimes stumble upon a good box set series! Breaking Bad! So good.

So good! Finally, what is something that the world doesn’t know about Zowie?
(laughs) Oooh this is something I haven’t been asked before! Hmm, something the world doesn’t know about me… I like to build furniture! Well, not boring furniture, it has to be like, avant garde. I remember when I was young and my parents would buy some sort of shelf or something that you had to set up and build and I’d be like “out of my way!” I also like figuring out how to use new musical toys! I just conquered the Tenori-on!

Told you she’s a star! Check out her video for her new single ‘My Calculator’ below and make sure to buy ‘Love Demolition’ when it hits the world tomorrow!

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